Industries We Serve

Be it food, taxi and courier or education, hospitality and healthcare. here at Digital Geeks you will find world class development solutions to your domain specific needs that too at a niche of cost.

Real Estate & Property

Taking Realty business to the next level, we bestow your business with advance technology that enhance your buyer’s experience upping your game phenomenally.

Service Marketplace

Developed an intimate understanding of the customer expectations of all business verticals and it helps us to develop and implement Marketplace development solutions that suits your business needs.


Transforming the life of a teacher and a student, the app and websites are convergingly focused on shortening the fissure between a tutor and a student, by giving them an online platform to connect, interact and study


Wish welfare?
Get an app, website, product, portal etc. that help you impressively manage your staff, schedule, appointment, services while moving your patients service experience to higher levels.  

On Demand

Go with the flow with advance development of on-demand applications and reach your users on their doorsteps, we provide on demand app and website development services for every leading industry.


Don’t just co-exist but lead your domain by managing your transportation and automotive business like a ‘pro’, we integrate latest technology that helps you track your business on any road.

Gaming & Leisure

Enter the world of gaming with full-throttle with apps that sets new trends in the industry, prolific development of gaming apps for android, iOS, windows elevating gaming experience with AI, AR, VR integration.

Travel & Tours

Make travelling a much more fun for travellers by taking your business and hotel services online, allow us to make apps, websites, portals integrated with chatbot, AR, VR technology that makes you stand alone in industry.

Banking, Finance & Insurance

Be it a bank or a customer, everyone needs a little assistance when it comes to managing their monetary accounts, at DigitalGeeks, we build banking websites and applications that makes managing bank accounts easily

Food and Restaurant

App & Web Development Services Food & Restaurant Restaurant or online food seeker, we make apps that work efficiently on backend and frontend that lets restaurants manage their customers and orders, while clients can place, track and online pay for their order.

Event & Tickets

Seeing future in online ticketing and auctioning of concerts, movies plays, be any event, we make apps and websites that allows you to efficiently manage your bookings, online payments, coupons etc.

Ecommerce, Retail & B2B

Add the ‘e’ to your commerce and take your business online. Open your online store-fronts and tap global market while enhancing your business reach tenfold.

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